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A. If you like my fanart 'n comics and wanna donate points JUST BECAUSE, please do! it means alot!
B. Commissions for points please, it would be nice instead of getting free requests from me for once.
C. Or you can just ignore what I said earlier and have a free request anyway but points would be nice for once...

(Basically you can donate or not)

1. 15 points - I'll give my best shot to make your dreams come true! (outlined+colored)


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United States
Noodle San by TheAnimationGod

Hey everyone! I'm an old fashioned female punk comic book artist and part time musician and the creative force behind all my DA comic projects. I'm a MAJOR HUGE fan of Gorillaz and Super Mario and ex-fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm also a fan of all sorts of favorite unique and strange cartoons and videogames and much more. I'm here to appreciate, share, make friends, and most of all, promote fandom unity. I'll be cooking up some fanart comics and entertain all fandom and fantasy lovers in the DeviantArt years to come. your gonna love it!

If anyone can help me find someone to hire me for ANY comic book genre, paintings, video game concepts, multi-genre events etc., I would deeply appreciate it! I would also like to note that I shouldn't be put down because I'm female. it's rare to find alternative artists regardless of gender, and I'd hate for the world to miss out on some of my real artwork (not DA related), and I am aware of people who double cross and steal people's ideas. thanks!

The 4 main comics are the heart of my fandom world (the ones with stars are curent projects while others without stars are minor but kept in mind) -

Main comics -

*1. Gorillaz/TAG series (2009):…
*2. Sonic the Goth Hog (revived series from 2004):…
*3. Waluigi Land (2012):…
4. The Super Mario Epic (2013):…

Short stories/comics (Considered minor projects that might continue some more but I will do them) -

5. Mushroom Kingdom - CROSSED (2013):…
6. The Book Of Memories(2014): CANCELED 'til FURTHER NOTICE
7. NiGHTS - Beyond Dreams: (IMAGE UNAVAILABLE. )
8. Rayman (IMAGE UNAVAILABLE. to-the-point details of his origins)
9. Super Mario: ORION (IMAGE UNAVAILABLE. anime type short read with interesting info)
10. 'untitled' ( IMAGE UNAVAILABLE. sci-fi short read of a dream I had with interesting info)

Chillin' and grillin' with TheAnimationGod 'til the very end of time. peace out...*flicks cigarette.

My all time favorite songs:

"All Of You" - Don Felder:…
"Too Far" - Beyond the Mind's Eye:…
"Is Your Love Strong Enough" - Bryan Ferry:…
"Take My Picture" - Filter:…
"Honey Bee" - Steam Powered Giraffe:…
"Forever Young" - Alphaville:…
"Earth Song" - Micheal Jackson:…
"November Rain" - Guns N' Roses:…
"Safe and Sound" -Capital Cities:…
"When Can I See You Again?" - Owl City:…
"One Last Time" - H.I.M:…

Nights Into Dreams Soundtrack -by three different composers. (this album is my soul representative of my journey:…

Current Residence: SHIT TOWN
deviantWEAR sizing preference: punk/odd clothing/fantasy
Favourite genre of music: Metal/Electronica/Exotic/Video-game
Favourite style of art: Cartoonish/Realistic/Dreamy like scenery/magazine cutouts/traditional/fantasy/horror/humor
Shell of choice: The Blue Torture Shell. Mario Kart's ultimate weapon!
Favourite cartoon character(s): Murdoc/2D/Benson/Nights/Grim/Kurt/Tank Girl/Conker/ Vote for the Black Spy! (fuck the White Spy!), WALUIGI IS THE SHIT!
Personal Quote: "You were born an original, don't die a copie." -Mudsy.
*UPDATE: Holy Shit! 15 days of Norton Security. HURRYING LIKE F**K to get the rest of Waluigi Land Chapter 1 done before it's too late!!*

The rest of Waluigi Land "Chapter 1" is currently being colored. there may be a rare LIVEstream of one of the pages, so you never know!

here's the list of pages for the very near future this half year of 2016:

(I will leave this current journal up. if you see an "X" next to a comic page , it means it's colored but will be in need of monitoring before it's up for permanent public view. for example, little white dots, mistakes, certain character design difficulties, etc.):

Page 32 (preparing to scan...)
Page 33 (preparing to scan...)
Page 34 (sketched but not outlined yet)
Page 35 (sketched but not outlined yet)
Page 36 X
Page 37 X
Page 38 X
Page 39 X
Page 40 X
Page 41 X
Page 42 X
Page 43 X
Page 44 X
Page 45 X
Page 46 (In progress...)
Page 47
Page 48
Page 49

Alright, hopefully you guys read everything I typed under each comic page deviation. If you are a Waluigi fan it's very important to read my say in order to understand the story and the intentions behind it. now I have to warn you, WL Chapter 1 might not make any sense at first because you don't know why the main character did what he did or how or where he truly came from, it's too complicated to describe it so you'll have to read it yourselves and it may leave more various speculation. all my data I've fabricated about Waluigi (which took me 2 years and a half to research) RESIDES in these very pages and I will explain the results below each deviation. the results may either shock you or you may disagree about it. in the end this is my take on the character so please respect my effort, my own thorough research is my all to you.

Even though a second chunk of Chapter 1 will be uploaded, Chapter 1 is still incomplete and is in need for the third chunk installment to complete it as a whole chapter. the third/last section of Chapter 1 will be even more complex to do because it requires more drawing details and other art project extensions attached to it that I plan to reveal. I dread the day the last section of Chapter 1 will be uploaded because: only then I will explain a near 360 circle of why Nintendo has given Waluigi and its fans a hard time for this long, so I am VERY excited but frightened to tell/show a piece of Waluigi's possible whereabouts. you guys have no clue why the character remains stuck and I hope you understand what will be said.

We are SO close to the mystery kingdom too and about what's really going in the Mushroom Planet according to my full speculation.

get ready...

*UPDATE: Holy Shit! 15 days of Norton Security. HURRYING LIKE F**K to get the rest of Waluigi Land Chapter 1 done before it's too late!!*
  • Listening to: random music
  • Eating: whatever I want
  • Drinking: whatever I want


Waluigi Land Intro pg. 11 by TheAnimationGod
Waluigi Land Intro pg. 11
He's not expecting to be found. he just doesn't care anymore...

UPDATE: 8/31/15 Edited information about Waluigi and "CH. 1":

I have all the answers to his true purpose but this is under lock and key. however, half of it will be revealed when "CH. 1" is uploaded and I will announce when it is done. the comic may take some time because honestly I am the only person working on drawing everything. I will be monitoring some last things before they become permanent to the public view.

So you wanna know a little more about Waluigi according to my research? it is possible that Waluigi could be hiding something. the bio of this character has said he is a "long time resident of the Mushroom Kingdom," but according to my research, this is half of it. because of his strange color scheme attire, it is likely that this character was actually from somewhere else. it is believed that "something happened" for him to even be in the Mushroom Kingdom. it is very strange to say, but it is possible that there is far more happening with this character than meets the eye. it's not because Nintendo doesn't want to make a background about him, there is a reason why there never was a backstory.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about him is in this comic project but I cannot reveal all of it until the whole story unfolds. however, half of the answers will be heard in "CH. 1"

Remember, this is just fan speculation. anyone found butthurt over stupid shit about the fan comic will be ignored or worse.

We are 99% close to seeing the mystery of Waluigi but I am still far from done.

:iconask-waluigi-time::iconhamsamwich::iconweirdchicken04::iconwario-girl: are helping me on this project.

Oh, and don't forget to check out my concept elements for the story:…
Waluigi Land Intro pg. 10 by TheAnimationGod
Waluigi Land Intro pg. 10
That Wario always brings a good laugh! luckily he found his muddy foots prints.

Another thing, besides Waluigi's story, I honestly have no clue how Wario came to be. however, I do have one thought of his earlier affiliations with Mario that made him the way he is. this will be mentioned in "The Super Mario Epic" IF I have time for it.
Waluigi Land Intro pg. 9 by TheAnimationGod
Waluigi Land Intro pg. 9
I believe there was a strong connection to plants and that he is a plant whisperer.

there's a hidden place he likes to secretly visit when everything's calmed down. he's a villain all right, his bad boy confidence is all he wants you to know, but you see, there's just some things he doesn't want no one to see. it is believed that there's a deep reason for his soft side or self-pity that ties to the legendary Kingdom I've been talking about so I can't understand why people would hate him off the bat without looking into the possible details. earlier, I mentioned in my concept front cover that he probably had a previous role that was part of another war happening elsewhere on the Mushroom planet. how he ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom is being worked on. "CH. 1" contains my calculated interpretation and it'll be revealed as soon as I can.

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