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A. If you like my fanart 'n comics and wanna donate points JUST BECAUSE, please do! it means alot!
B. Commissions for points please, it would be nice instead of getting free requests from me for once.
C. Or you can just ignore what I said earlier and have a free request anyway but points would be nice for once...

(Basically you can donate or not)

1. 15 points - I'll give my best shot to make your dreams come true! (outlined+colored)


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United States
Noodle San by TheAnimationGod

Hey everyone! I'm an old fashioned female punk comic book artist and part time musician and the creative force behind all my DA comic projects. I'm a MAJOR HUGE fan of Gorillaz and Super Mario and ex-fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm also a fan of all sorts of favorite unique and strange cartoons and videogames and much more. I'm here to appreciate, share, make friends, and most of all, promote fandom unity. I'll be cooking up some fanart comics and entertain all fandom and fantasy lovers in the DeviantArt years to come. your gonna love it!

If anyone can help me find someone to hire me for ANY comic book genre, paintings, video game concepts, multi-genre events etc., I would deeply appreciate it! I would also like to note that I shouldn't be put down because I'm female. it's rare to find alternative artists regardless of gender, and I'd hate for the world to miss out on some of my real artwork (not DA related), and I am aware of people who double cross and steal people's ideas. thanks!

The 4 main comics are the heart of my fandom world (the ones with stars are curent projects while others without stars are minor but kept in mind) -

Main comics -

*1. Gorillaz/TAG series (2009):…
*2. Sonic the Goth Hog (revived series from 2004):…
*3. Waluigi Land (2012):…
4. The Super Mario Epic (2013):…

Short stories/comics (Considered minor projects that might continue some more but I will do them) -

5. Mushroom Kingdom - CROSSED (2013):…
6. The Book Of Memories(2014): CANCELED 'til FURTHER NOTICE
7. NiGHTS - Beyond Dreams: (IMAGE UNAVAILABLE. )
8. Rayman (IMAGE UNAVAILABLE. to-the-point details of his origins)
9. Super Mario: ORION (IMAGE UNAVAILABLE. anime type short read with interesting info)
10. 'untitled' ( IMAGE UNAVAILABLE. sci-fi short read of a dream I had with interesting info)

Chillin' and grillin' with TheAnimationGod 'til the very end of time. peace out...

My all time favorite songs:

"All Of You" - Don Felder:…
"Too Far" - Beyond the Mind's Eye:…
"Is Your Love Strong Enough" - Bryan Ferry:…
"Take My Picture" - Filter:…
"Honey Bee" - Steam Powered Giraffe:…
"Forever Young" - Alphaville:…
"Earth Song" - Micheal Jackson:…
"November Rain" - Guns N' Roses:…
"Safe and Sound" -Capital Cities:…
"When Can I See You Again?" - Owl City:…
"One Last Time" - H.I.M:…

Nights Into Dreams Soundtrack -by three different composers. (this album is my soul representative of my journey:…

Current Residence: SHIT TOWN
deviantWEAR sizing preference: punk/odd clothing/fantasy
Favourite genre of music: Metal/Electronica/Exotic/Video-game
Favourite style of art: Cartoonish/Realistic/Dreamy like scenery/magazine cutouts/traditional/fantasy/horror/humor
Shell of choice: The Blue Torture Shell. Mario Kart's ultimate weapon!
Favourite cartoon character(s): Murdoc/2D/Benson/Nights/Grim/Kurt/Tank Girl/Conker/ Vote for the Black Spy! (fuck the White Spy!), WALUIGI IS THE SHIT!
Personal Quote: "You were born an original, don't die a copie." -Mudsy.
Any Waluigi fans or Super Mario fan following the Waluigi Land Project, wanna connect with me on the Wii U MK8? DA note me in private and we'll race! I'm on today!
  • Listening to: music finally. my old laptop's audio is bust.
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: I was thinking of playing Mario Kart 8


Any Waluigi fans or Super Mario fan following the Waluigi Land Project, wanna connect with me on the Wii U MK8? DA note me in private and we'll race! I'm on today!
  • Listening to: music finally. my old laptop's audio is bust.
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: I was thinking of playing Mario Kart 8
Some Thoughts On Waluigi Part 1 by TheAnimationGod
Some Thoughts On Waluigi Part 1

15 reasons Why Waluigi Is The Best:…

First of all he is not a “dirty” little secret, he’s a hated secret waiting to be told the truth although the rest of it will be saved for Chapter 2. here are my thoughts from this link. you are more than welcome to compare the link on another tab to my thoughts page:

1. I’ve always known about the aesthetics of the even parallels on the four main guys, like colors, Mario is small, Luigi is taller, Wario is big, and Waluigi is taller, blah, blah, blah. all that is irrelevant to the main topic. we need to get to the point of things instead of obsessing over evens and odds.

2. Now the part where he is doing the crotch chop thing is because of two things: Nintendo and its collaborators didn’t regulate it and that’s why the game got away with it OR Waluigi learned it somewhere according to my project.

3. It’s not that there is no official origin in the Nintendo lore, Nintendo doesn’t acknowledge him for a huge ridiculous reason. in reality, the truth is that there was no origin to begin with yes, and his purpose is to serve as a filler partner for Wario, period and kept it that way. however (in my world), it’s possible there could’ve been a background for him BUT there are multiple things that is holding any progress back for the character within the Nintendo company which I will soon reveal.

4. Sadly, Nintendo is keeping things from Mr. Martinet and to this day he will never know if they are related because of that one thing explained in #3 above. but despite all this, Mr. Martinet probably had the answer all along...

5. There's something I would like to think about and "Waluigi" is the perfect example. you know about programming programs in a computer concept, right? I would like to think that he is a computer program. Nintendo programmed him to only feel like "winning is everything", "I'm the best," "show-off," "be rude," and "I hate Luigi" and that's pretty much it. to me, it's a stuck nightmarish reality that the character has ever known throughout his lifespan. if I could just re-program my speculation theories/Q&A into the character, he wouldn't have to feel one track minded and has a whole new universe to go back to. basically, I want to give the character meaning, a life, and a place to go back to even if it's not canon. So, his personality is descibed as “self-pity” as you can see. in someway, Waluigi is actually psychologically reaching out for help to his fans but so far no one answered for 15 years and during those years, the negative views put on him allowed him to see himself as a side mistake and useless. after all this time, only 1 person in the whole wide world felt the call and now our favorite anti-hero is set for life, thanks to me. if anyone has ever thought of him doing victim playing, it is irrelevant.

6. Cosplaying as Waluigi is really fun but cosplaying as him still gets negativity to emanate off another Super Mario fan who is a hater of him. but once I reveal what’s really going on in Chapter 2 n’ more, Waluigi will get more respect than he ever did before.

7. You guys have no clue what’s really going on between Daisy and Waluigi. there is a huge difference with what I’m gonna show you in Chapter 2 about why he is fond of her and why the hate struggle.

8. Waluigi isn’t afraid of anything. however, separate from laughing at danger from a Luigi Death Stare in the fandom, in the story you will find out how he became insecure in the land of the Mushroom Kingdom.

9 and 10. Nowadays, Waluigi fans will go beyond measures to add him to anything fan game made to get some gameplay revenge. soon, he will have a permanent home to call to. I’m gonna be honest, it’s funny and I like it but it’s time we get to the point of it all.

11. and 12. Some of the music for the character actually fits certain parts of the story I’m working on. the Waluigi fandom is a strong cult following and there’s no way it’s gonna die down, believe me. 

13. There is hardly any merchandise of Waluigi for multiple reasons so fans have to scour the place to make up stuff. it’s terrible to struggle but it’ll do.

14 and 15. Anything you want to know about the word “Wah” read the Waluigi Land Story or Intermission Reminder Part 2 on DA to find out, I don’t feel like typing it again, and soon you will find out why he is number 1 definitely.

For those reading you are more than welcome to comment, I want to hear your thoughts since this 15 year mystery.
Waluigi Land Chapter 2 Trailer Poster by TheAnimationGod
Waluigi Land Chapter 2 Trailer Poster

Waluigi Land is a time consuming lifetime project I’ve been working on my whole early adult years. this project covers the details about Waluigi’s origins and the rise and fall of his true purpose before his arrival in the Mushroom Kingdom according to all my 3 year research. the story is only exclusive to DeviantArt and nowhere else. please help me out by spreading the news about this, it really means a lot, thanks.

Waluigi Land Chapter 2 - coming soon to DeviantArt/Tumblr near you


Start reading here:…

Alright, I know many of you are probably not having it with the changes on this character but it is all I have to completing the mystery of Waluigi. fortunately, he will remain as "Waluigi" in the end but there will be different thoughts on it. so let's get to the point of things:

In the Intro/Prologue, the black sheep we know as "Waluigi" is not from around the Mushroom Kingdom. his reasons for arrival will be said at the end of the story however. in Chapter 1, the kind Princess Peach tends to Waluigi so he can attend her Labyrinth themed celebration. his invitation to the event is a huge turn off for personal reasons, so once he feels better he plans on taking off again. he is making it harder for himself by leaving things as is and not facing his demons. in the 7 starchild theory scene, fate kept him hidden from the eyes of evil because fate needed him elsewhere. just like how Mario fell through the rabbit hole to the Mushroom dimension while working on an abandoned sewage line, Waluigi was the first to enter the Mushroom dimension as a preteen before the other starchildren. my speculation for him being preteen according to Nintendo's concepts, in reality no matter how many times fans want to see a umm..."baby Waluigi," there is no such thing as a "baby Waluigi" because he never had a childhood. a long time ago, he happened to be a very angry Greek kid who despised his own kind and anything corporate/company/industrial that put harm on his favorite subject, plants and nature. because of this, he naturally became a mechanical genius and interested in hot wiring and sabotaging construction equipment to put a halt to corporate progress. his smarts on mechanics and moving machines are equivalent to that of Japanese technology skill. to this day, no one hasn't found out who kept doing it. when he was on the verge of getting caught he stumbled into a hidden sewage area and fell through what you call the "warp pipe" and led to Darkwood Kingdom, a hidden continent smack in the middle of the far ocean of the Mushroom dimension. however, his old life back on earth is no more and is deemed irrelevant to the main story of Waluigi Land, that is my own speculation. what truly physically matters is that his mysterious appearance and robotic skills (his sole purpose) will be put to use for Darkwood Kingdom according to the comic. we now know that he is a plant whisperer and mechanical genius back in the long lost continent called Darkwood Kingdom, a land once allied with other Kingdoms but fell out of memory in favor of preserving their forest homeland. he once served the King that ruled that land and we will get to see who he once served in Chapter 2 soon. currently in the story of Chapter 1, a black magic seer owl named Clandestine and a loyal poisonous flower retainer named Garth believed to have found the one who can stop the invasion on Darkwood Kingdom along with the other awaiting savior found previously before him according to the savior pair prophecy. they are on their way to bring him to see the King who rules the forest continent. as you can see here, the one we know as "Waluigi" was actually apart of something much bigger than himself. some evidence shows because the color Purple has always been an established color theme of Darkwood Kingdom way before he set foot in it, so he was once a part of a nocturnal community.

Never heard of Waluigi Land? want to read it again? enjoy!:…

Here's some Q&A speculation of mine about Waluigi:…

The Preparations Of Princess Peach by TheAnimationGod
The Preparations Of Princess Peach
As Waluigi recovers from being sick, Princess Toadstool ensures things are going swell for her extravagant Labyrinth Party in a few days.

Here's some of my speculation for ya: The princess happens to be a high maintenance person and knows no boundaries for limits of indulgence. some of her favorite genres is elegant 1800's type parties (although the Toads aren't familiar with certain human activities but have got the jist of her likes and dislikes overtime), tea time, vacations, walkabouts in maintained parks and gardens, and fashion. the Toads of Mushroom Kingdom care deeply for her wishes regardless of her racking up bills and other extravagant damages and they end up forgiving her actions and pay the bill simply because she is a starchild and that she is too nice. in a way, this is the reason why there is corruption within the castle grounds but her protective star powers against Bowser is enough to return the favor to the citizens of the Kingdom. I have other theories of her and how she became a princess when she arrived in the Kingdom but this will be saved for "The Super Mario Epic," another online comic I've been meaning to work on.
Attention Waluigi fans (ones who plan on attending), I am sorry to announce that I won't be able to make it to Comic Con San Diego International 2016 due to the sudden open online badge/ticket sale. the other reason is that I was trying to hear back from my dad if it was a yay or nay but he took too long. but that's entirely ok! I would want you all to have a good time with or without me. since this has happened, I plan on attending Comic Con San Diego International 2017 in early advanced this time so I definitely won't miss out again. if it's possible, spread the word about the online comic "Waluigi Land" there for me, I'd appreciate it!

Man, and I really wanted you all to see the behind the scenes and villain development too.

Never heard of the online comic "Waluigi Land?" or want to read it again? here you go!:…

PS - Any Waluigi fan want to befriend/connect with me on Mario Kart 8 if you have a Wii U? DA note me in private so we can race 'n more! I'll delete the DA notes after for your security, k?
  • Listening to: music finally. my old laptop's audio is bust.
  • Watching: Youtube
  • Playing: I was thinking of playing Mario Kart 8

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